Hi all,

I have a workflow where the user will create a group, then select
objects to make members of that group in the same workflow...

So what I have is a form that allows the user to give a group name,
then a list of available objects to add to the new group...
What I have is a pick list that allows multiple selections and "Show 2
list" is true, the idea being that the user can add and remove selected
I have added a post activity mapping to the request form that will map
the pickList field to flowdata.positionTitleSelected...

The form works fine from what I can see... Now, I have a log activity
that I want to display the selected values (as a test so I can see what
the returned picklist contains) before I create the group and add the
values as members to that group...

As the picklist should return multiple values, I assume it will be an
Array... But when, in the log activity, I have the code:

the server.log returns an "undefined"...
But when I have
it returns 1 value, being the CN of one of the selected objects...

What am I doing wrong here??

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