How would one architect a solution to have a Hot Contingency Site for
the User Application. Some requirements.

- Site must be a Warm fail over, Hot fail over, or Active/Active
setup. (Active/Active is preferred)
- OK to use different URLs for UA instances
- It is acceptable for workflows "in flight" to be terminated and
require re-submission in case of site failure.
- Completed workflow results (Roles grants etc... ) must be near
instant (~5min) available to both sites.
- Actions in Contengency must be replicated back to Production


1) Separate Contingency Vault connected to production Vault via
eDir-eDir driver. Having a separate Instance of the User Application.

-- The problem here is I'm not sure how to handle role membership
between the two Vaults.
-- Entitlements shouldn't be a problem because I can add the
DIRXML-entitlementref to the sync

2) Place a Replica of the Vault in the Contingency site, and for the UA
make it a JBOSS cluster instead of two separate instances.
-- But I'm not sure if I'm asking for trouble trying to do that accross
a WAN link.
-- We have a separate eDirectory based Authentication Tree (read LDAP
access only) that works wonderfully without issue across the wan link.
(eDirectory was designed very well to handle long(er) latency links for

** note ** I have plenty of the HAE licenses available if using some of
those tools will make this work.

Any Suggestions? Or is there a secret option "C" that I've haven't
considered yet?

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