One thing we'd like to do is email the completed request form to the
user because they have to print it out, sign it, and get it notarized.

So one thought was to send an HTML email via the notification email
with the values they input (you can't really use the print button
because it'll print all the picklists, etc. and we want it more

The problem we run into with that is that Novell apparently coded the
attribute as case exact string which has a very tiny limit on how much
text/HTML you can put in the email (not to mention it uses XML and
apparently not all XML is "right" --at least if you're using Tidy
Online, there's stuff Novell doesn't like such as

I thought about PDF, but not sure if anyone's managed to use some
external PDF thingy on the Linux UserApp server to achieve this.

Any other ideas/suggestions?

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