rajeshemailto;1902570 Wrote:
> We have been able to access the mapping table succesfully. What we did,
> created an entity "MappingTable" of class "DirXML-Resource" and added
> two attribute as follows,
> "CN" --> UI Control Type(String)
> "DirXML-Data" --> UI Control Type (String)
> and using
> IDVault.get(null, "DN", "MappingTable", "DirXML-Data");
> As "DirXML-Data" attribute contains the mapping table data so we are
> able to read as string and also, we are doing DOM paring on either
> form-load event or pre-activity wherever required to retrive the
> information.
> Data read will be done as XML data not like we use in driver using
> <token-map> policy.
> Good Luck!

I have tried this approach with IDM 4.0.1 but with no luck... I have a
form field called that I am trying to display the XML of the mapping
I have an onload event that does an IDVault.get as described above:
IDVault.get("recipient", dn, "DirXML-Resource", "DirXML-Data");
Where "recipient" is the field, Control Type = Text Area and Data Type
is String
I have the full DN of the mapping table object here
"DirXML-Resource" is the entity name I created
"DirXML-Data" is the name of the attribute I am trying to return

Once everything is deployed, I flushed the cache and kicked off the

But nothing appears in the "recipient" field on the form load... I
added an alert to make sure that the onload is in fact being fired, and
it is...

There are no errors in the server.log

Any suggestions??

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