I am struggling as an sytems engineer trying to learn userapp :| . The
problem I have today is this:

I have a multivalued eDir attr that is being passed to my workflow
called addRoles (and also one called removeRoles). I need to process
the values in this attr and add the user to the appropriate role based
an the name of the items in the attr. The names all match, no DN's
involved. I think I have figured out how to get the values from
addRoles attr into an array, but I dont know see in ecma any function
that will let me process this array. I dont see where I can create and
pass a variable to the next object in the workflow. I've seen some
javascript functions that do this but don't see them in my ecma builder
wizard. Alternatively I could process the attr in my driver before
sending to userapp but I dont think that is the best way.


Mike K

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