After migration from IDM 3.6 to 4.0.1 I imported back the application
configuration through the portal data import function.

In addition to receiving some errors on the import of portlet ( that no
longer exist in the new release ) I encountered problem with a custom
page cointainer (created for a specific group of the 'IDVault) that
contains a custom portlet.
This portlet contains a copy of password change portlet and a copy of
the password change shared page. In The new container page the change
password page doesn't work. If the users selects one task they can see
only a white page.
Then I tried to use the password change page already exists for this
new container but when users enter the user application on the page
dedicated can not use the tasks in the management of passwords.
This also happens to users that log in GuestContainerPage.
All tasks in the management of passwords only work by going to
DefaultContainer Page.

The priority of DefaultContainerPage is 1 while the GuestcontainerPage
is 5. Why do people still come in the guest?



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