My Environment:
Windows 2008R2, IDM 4.0.1 with RBAC (Patch Level A)

My Problem:
When a user has more than one approval Task (approvals and or sods) and
he is approves/rejects one of his tasks. He is not able to work with
another tasks until he has refreshed the Work Dashboard site (with F5).

I have tested all approval taks with firefox and they work fine. And no
we cannot switch to firefox .

Details what i do to get to the Problems.
1. Autoclaim a sod approval
2. write in a comment
3. approve it
4. Autoclaim another sod approval
5. i cannot write something in the comment -> it looks like the field
is not loaded correctly
6. i press F5 to reload
7. Autoclaim the same sod approval as in 4
8. write in a commant
9. approve it

So for me this looks like the Browser is not loading the sod / approval
task correctly

What i now want to try is to force a reload (F5) of the page after the
approval button or the reject button have been pressed.

anyone has some ideas how i can approve this.

This Problem is bugging me quite heavy so i would be very thankfull for
any hints or tipps or a solution.

Thanks in advance.
Andi Bucher

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