I am not even sure if this question will make much sense, or just make
me look silly

Still, here goes..........

I'm new to Novell IDM. I am trying to create a User Application
Workflow, which would execute a simple "*Approval/Deny*" request.

This is easy enough. However, the purpose of this worklflow is to be
triggered by an external application.

For security reasons, users who seek approval/deny, are not allowed to
log directly into Novell's UserApp. Instead, a separate User Interface
is provided, where they fill in a form (questionnaire). When they click
"SEND" on this form, it is supposed to automatically trigger the
workflow within Novell's UserApp.

This separate User Interface is linked to Novell via *RBPM Web
Services* (not even sure if this would work)

I seem to be out of my depth here; if anyone could provide some tips,
I'd be most grateful


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