On 05/09/2012 08:06 AM, stavae wrote:
> I am not trying to update comments _within__the workflow.
> As I explained : the comments are generated in the External
> Application. (Just imagine a typical online form/questionnaire --- you
> fill in details like : name, email, phone number,
> address......comments).
> As I mentioned : this external application is linked to my Novell
> Workflow via a Web Services SOAP.
> The "comments" field is the only attribute which needs to be displayed
> in the body of my emails. I need to somehow obtain (GET) this
> "comments" attribute, and include it in the body of all emails being
> sent out by my Workflow.
> This is my use case.
> I am using the following code-syntax in my External App's configuration
> :
> *forwardRequest.setArg3("comment");*

Let me see if I am clear now:

1) User Access will access your External Application to fill in the
Request data.

2) The Request data is gathered and via SOAP you are calling to "start"

3) Your Approver then accesses your External Application and fills in
more data and submits

4) The Approval data is gathered and via SOAP you are calling to "forward"

5) In the call to forward you are supplying a comment to the element
Arg3 (which is the apwacomment field on the Approval form)

You want to be able to get this comment from the Approval Form and
include that in an email that happens after the above Approval Activity
within this same running workflow.

Is that correct?

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer