On 05/10/2012 07:06 AM, stavae wrote:
> Hmm.............cant find it;
> well, no worries. I'll keep digging.
> However, I just noticed something strange : when I try to
> GetApprovalStatus(), my Email body shows "*APPROVE*" each time, even if
> the administrator Denied the application (((((
> I already checked to make sure that both my Workflow Status are
> properly configured : one is set to 'approve', the other is set to
> 'deny'

For the status always being "Approved", please go and look on the
Overview tab of your Workflow in the Designer. Most likely the
following option has been selected:

"Set Default Completion Status to Approved".

If yes, then uncheck it, save, and deploy the Workflow (do not use Compare!)

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer