On 05/11/2012 10:26 AM, stavae wrote:
> Regarding the "Comment" issue itself................I am not sure how
> using a form-defined field would help, seeing that, as I mentioned, the
> comments are being input into the External Interface, from where it is
> passed through SOAP to Novell's UserApp.
> If I am mistaken, please help me out

You would create a new field in the Designer for your Approval Form.
You could call it "ourcomment" you would mark it required and put a
mapping to in the Post Activity so it would be in the flowdata.


Then, you would have your external application add the "comment" to both
Arg3 and then to Arg2

For Arg2 you must provide the Field Name (the name of the Field, not the
Display Label value) and the value you want entered.

From the xml:

<!--Zero or more repetitions:-->
<!--Zero or more repetitions:-->

Then, later in your workflow you would be able to get the value


Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer