Ok, I give up.

When we try to assign one of our existing Entitlements we get this error:
"Error: No Entitlements were found. You either do not have permission
to bind to entitlements or have not configured entitlements for
resource mapping. Please see documentation for further details."

All engines are IDM 4.01.

This happens even when we create a "new" Entitlement witin Designer and
assign it to a driver.

Can someone please tell how you:
- Configure entitlements for resource mapping?
- Locate how to within the Documentation?
- Tell us what EntitlementConfiguration Object is and where it needs to
be located?

We have read the "Convert Driver Entitlements to New RBPM 3.7 Resource
Model" but we are not on RBPM 3.7.
We have a "custom" setup that was deployed before " RBPM 3.7 Resource
Model" was introduced.


Thank You for your help!

Jim Willeke