On 05/30/2012 02:46 PM, nathanshaw wrote:
> Steven,
> We're having this exact same issue. Two environments work just fine
> and it shows "Resource Approval" as the Default Resource Approval
> Definition. The one environment that doesn't work is missing the
> Default Resource Approval Definition and throws this error. I don't
> know how this happened or how to fix it. The message at the top says
> the settings that are read-only "are set during installation and cannot
> be modified." I'm hoping that's only partially true. Any thoughts on
> how to fix this?
> Thanks!


1) Have you set-up any ACLs /Filters in eDirectory on the UAD?

2) What do you see in the Designer -> UAD -> Role Catalog -> Role
Configuration -> Standard Approvals?

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer