On 06/06/2012 04:26 AM, noamsh wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I recently got a mission: to send some data *FROM *a UA Workflow *TO *a
> WSDL interface (this is some internet application that my organization
> uses.. with no relation to our IDM...)
> Well, after understanding that its must have something with the
> Integration Activity - i just download the WSDL of that organization
> application and loaded into the Integration Activity, i got some mapping
> to config and.. from now on i just dont understand how to get this
> Workflow to initiate the Integration Activity to send data (let say from
> the Start activity - right after that) to this WSDL application.
> Any Best guide for this to work would be unbelivable helpful...
> Thanks guys i appriciate your assistance,
> Noam.

Greetings Noam,

1) I always suggest that you start by using a tool like soapUI. With
this tool you will be able to utilize the WSDL and the endpoint you
want. You will know what the data should look like so that it works

2) Then in your IA within the Workflow you would map in from flowdata
the values that need to go to different fields (if necessary). Once
the Workflow is deployed and you execute it (either my manually starting
it or setting it up to start based upon a trigger / IDM Policy), the IA
will perform the SOAP call once it is reach.

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer