> who can I do to remove a user from ED and dont in AD?
> I have connected my ed with the ad and performs all synchronization.

This is not really a User App issue.

The answer is, like most things, it really depends.

Is this for all users? If so, you would consider modifying your AD
driver not to pass through delete events. But that is for all users,
and you want to make sure if they:
1) Get recreated in eDir they match up properly.
2) That new changes to the user in AD do not cause a synthetic add in
eDir and recreate them in eDir.

Is this only for some users? Trickier. Since a deleted user has no
attributes left to flag its delete event.
You might have to first write some value to AD, through the driver,
then add code in the AD driver to know that when a delete in eDir comes
through, check AD to see if this is flagged as do not delete.

Try asking in the engine-drivers forum and think about expanding upon
what it is you really mean by your request, it will help you come to a
more useful answer. ("Knowing is half the battle... GO Hasbro")

Also, consider reporting IDM versions, engine, drivers, AD, etc. Useful
to know in context.