make sure that the DAL entity and DAL attribute key that you're using in
the entity operation are valid (and - in case of recent changes - the
cache is flushed).

Adding a log activity right before the entity operation may help you
verify the contents of your flowdata.

Is it right that there is a dot in your role name?
>> cn=ZZZ - dev.testrole 2nd line


On 21.06.2012 16:06, abergvall wrote:
> Hi all,
> UA3.7 RBPM version patch E
> ua root: o=corp
> I want to create a workflow (launched from a service driver on specific
> event) that takes a DN to a Role object, the value of the nrfAppovers
> attribute from the role, fires off an approval form (where new approver
> can be selected) and then update the nrfApprovers attribute to reflect
> that there is a new approver set for the role.
> I can fire it form the driver - no problems (except that the workflow
> doesn't work :-) )
> I can run it manually, pasting the DN to the role into the correct
> field (type dn, string) on the request form (with oldApprover DN also
> filled in).
> Submit -> fires off the approval form, where I use DN display on the
> two DN:s - OK. It goes to edir and grabs info from the objects and
> displays it - so the DN:s are correct at this point.
> After selecting a new user with DNpicker and "approve" the workflow
> goes to an Entity, that will delete the nrfApprover value (oldApprovers
> DN sent in)
> and the EntityDN set to the roleDN that displays nice in the form.
> Kaboom. I get error message like this:
> 15:34:28,682 ERROR [LogEvent] [Workflow_Error] Initiated by
> cn=uaadmin,ou=res,o=corp, Error Message: Identifier [cn=ZZZ - dev.
> testrole 2nd
> line,cn=Level20,cn=RoleDefs,cn=RoleConfig,cn=AppCo nfig,cn=UserApplication
> Office,cn=DriverSet,ou=res,o=corp] *does not exist for this service
> operation*., Process ID: 759f1c07faa84c838b54384b24bab5f8, Process Name:
> cn=UpdateRoleApproverDisEnrollment,cn=RequestDefs, cn=AppConfig,cn=UserApplication
> Office,cn=DriverSet,ou=res,o=corp:135, Activity: Activity, Recipient:
> cn=uaadmin,ou=res,o=corp
> in the UA jboss log.
> I think it's really strange that it complains about the object not
> beeing there...
> Any thoughts? It would be nice to be able to change the role approver
> from a form.
> br
> //Anders