On 06/25/2012 09:26 AM, mkijewsk wrote:
> We are no longer using Novell Audit. I changed the Loghost= line in the
> /etc/logevent.conf, I remarked the auditds line in the ndsmodules.conf,
> and I restarted the server. The audit server still sees the UserApp
> server as active, and still loads lcache. How can I disable/remove the
> audit config from the UserApp box completely? Can I remove the rpm's?
> -Thanks
> Mike

Login to the UA as your Admin and go to Administration -> Application
Configuration -> Logging. Down at the bottom will be a checkbox to send
data to audit (which should be checked). Uncheck it, then check the
checkbox to Persist the Changes, then press Save, and finally restart
the User Application.

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer