On 06/25/2012 04:56 PM, karakan wrote:
> Thanks, Steve.
> But, as I need to repeat the process of building and deploying my
> reports' definitions many many times, I'd like to automate it.
> Reportpkg.jar allows that according to:
> stplu430:~/ING/reports # java -jar
> /opt/novell/idm/rbpm/IDMReporting/reportpkg.jar help
> Here are the Supported Commands...
> Create / create : Create New Report
> Build / build : Build RPZ
> Deploy / deploy : Deploy Report to a Repository
> Help / help : List of the supported commands
> It works fine in "prompt" mode (i.e. input comes
> directly from keyboard). Asks for two names and builds what needed:
> stplu430:~/reports # java -jar
> /opt/novell/idm/rbpm/IDMReporting/reportpkg.jar build
> What is the pathname of the jrxml report you would like to zip?
> R4/IDM/6.1/TemplateReport.jrxml
> What is the directory where you would like to save the new RPZ file?

That is correct. The Report Packaging Tool does not support
script/properties option at this time. The available options are GUI
or Command Line Prompt. You can enter an Enhancement Request in the RMS


Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer