Well, I understand that you have a text "ADGroupSearch" field and a dual
picklist "ADGroupList". When changin the text field, you run a query to
fill the picklist.

You want to keep the previous selection (right list), even if it is not
part of the new query's result.

You could proceed like this:

* React in ADGroupSearchnchange() or in your fired "adgrpsearch" event

* store the current selection with form.getValues( "ADGroupList" )

* run the query and save the results to the picklist with
form.setValues( "ADGroupList" .. , false )

* add the saved selection with form.setValues( "ADGroupList" .. , true)

* restore the old selection with form.select( "ADGroupList" ..)

If the event listener "adgrpsearch" is on your target picklist, you may
replace form.[fct] by field.[fct] which is slightly faster


On 05.07.2012 22:16, lvaradha wrote:
> UserApplication 4.0.1
> Formfield DataType Control Type Property
> ADGroupSearch string Text onchange
> field.fireEvent("adgrpsearch")
> ADGroupList dn Picklist onload
> Property
> IDVault.globalQuery("ADGroupList", "InternalResourceQuery")
> adgrpsearch IDVault.globalQuery("ADGroupList",
> "InternalResourceCustomQuery",
> {"internalad":form.getValue("ADGroupSearch")})
> This work fine when we need to search only once
> How i can achieve this
> First time when i do search on field "ADGroupSearch" and press tab it
> gives me the filtered result on the field "ADGroupList" and i have
> selected the values in the ADGroupList and moved to the RIGHT SIDE.
> Now when i try to search again it clears all my previous selection
> which i have moved to RIGHT side of the form fiel "ADGroupList"
> How can i do multiple searches having my selection intact in the form
> "ADGroupList" picklist.