On 07/10/2012 02:16 PM, karakan wrote:
> Hello,
> out of the IDM box comes the report named "User Status Changes within
> the Identity Vault".
> Unfortunately, it's contents is always empty for me.
> When I looked into it's dedmrpt_finition I found out the SQL query
> selects data from
> idm_rpt_cfg.idmrpt_user_events_v where event_id is something like
> '000B....'
> On the other side, when investigating contents of that view, there is
> nothing in it.
> Again: is it a bug, feature or I did go wrong somewhere?
> Regards, Dariusz

The report is looking for 11 specific Audit Events. So, if you have
not enabled eDirectory Auditing for the 11 events then the tables and
the View will not have the data that is being queried for. This is
similar to the requirement for the "User Password Changes within the
Identity Vault" report.

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer