On 07/26/2012 11:26 AM, bryceleo wrote:
> The url "https://<userappserver>" has a meta re-direct in the file
> \jboss\server\idmprov\deploy\ROOT.war\index.html to
> "https://<userappserver>/IDMProv"
> When the user logs into this page they are then taken to the
> "GuestContainerPage/MyProfile" Which is technically correct as that is
> what is set up as the default portlet for guests.
> However after logging in they should be forwarded to
> "DefaultContainerpage/ChangePassword" which we have set up.
> I currently made a hacky fix of setting the meta-redirect to
> IDMProv/portal/cn/DefaultContainerPage/PasswordChange which then causes
> the user to reach the proper page after they log in.
> Thanks,
> Bryce

Did you happen to change the security permissions of any of the
Portlets that are on the Guest Container Page (like the Header Portlet)
by any chance?

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer