On 08/01/2012 02:16 PM, rreid wrote:
> I'm a bit confused by the RBPM documentation on migrating/upgrading to
> 4.02. The 'documentation'
> (https://www.netiq.com/documentation/...a/bubpzht.html)
> describes an upgrade but then points you to the '\"Migration Guide\"'
> (https://www.netiq.com/documentation/...migrationguide)
> for the RBPM.
> Is this an Upgrade and Migration guide or just a migration guide?
> If an upgrade is possible, are there any issues that need to be
> addressed with Kerberos configuration or modified string values or
> start-up scripts etc after the installation is complete?
> I started through what I thought would be an upgrade but backed out
> because there was nothing in the installation process to know it was
> doing an upgrade and I was concerned parameters would be over written.
> Help?

For RBPM, the only things that you will "migrate/upgrade" will be
the User Application Database and the User Application Driver.
Everything else you need to throw away and start fresh again.

Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer