On 8/10/2012 10:56 AM, moularbi wrote:
> This happens when we make a resource request for a user that have an
> active directory entitlement positionned. We are getting this error:
> Role and Resource Service Driver ST:
> DirXML Log Event -------------------
> Driver: \XXX\YYY\DirXML\DriverSet\Role and Resource Service Driver
> Channel: Subscriber
> Status: Error
> Message: Unable to add assigned resource to user
> Resource:
> O=YYY\OU=DirXML\CN=DriverSet\CN=UserApplication\CN =AppConfig\CN=RoleConfig\CN=ResourceDefs\CN=ua
> User: O=YYY\OU=Identites\CN=014140U
> Reason: java.lang.Exception: Error. Entitlement parameter value
> is not in the expected JSON format, defined by the entitlement
> configuration setting named parameter-format. This can occur from
> malformed JSON in the parameter value, or an entitlement was provisioned
> with a legacy parameter value before the entitlement parameter support
> was upgraded to IDM4.
> DN: O=YYY\OU=DirXML\CN=DriverSet\CN=Active Directory
> Driver\CN=UserAccount
> Agent: RBE
> Parameter Value: NULL

So go look at a DirXML-EntitlementRef on that user object. Then look at
the path component which will have XML. It is probably using the pre
IDM 4 format.

The payload format used to be a single parameter. Then in 3.61. they
added support for | separated multiple values. Then in 4.0 they added
JSON as the payload.

Looks like your entitlement setting format (or maybe your entitlement
definition) is using the non-JSON versions.