On 08/10/2012 03:36 PM, rrawson wrote:
> I see in the docs how to use the create portlet to make a
> self-registration page, this is up and running for me and works, but
> it's not sufficiently flexible. I don't want to see the navigation on
> the left, I can't really customize the look and feel (I would prefer a
> checkbox to a pair of true/false radio buttons) and I would also like
> more control over the names of links/buttons to continue.
> Is there a portlet to use to expose a PRD to the guest user?
> thanx
> Rob

Greetings Rob,
I do believe this has been covered a few times. You will want to
look at the "Resource Request Portlet". What you are asking about is
the exact purpose why we created it. The Portlet has been around since
the 350/351 timeframe.


Steven Williams
Lead Software Engineer