So you need to talk both directions, MyApp->IDM, and IDM->MyApp/db, like
submit some info to IDM, then get some different info (location) back
from IDM/eDir?

(a) An IDM database driver may be the method of choice, but if that's
not an option for you, and MyApp/db does not provide (b) some SOAP/REST
endpoint to submit updates, you may also (c) create a simple Java class
that can be called from a mapping activity in your IDM workflow to
read/update database information.
Or, if you've been able to call IDM WebServices from MyApp, you may (d)
use some LDAP logic, to directly access eDir from MyApp.


On 21.06.2012 07:46, stavae wrote:
> What I am trying to do is : create a simple workflow via which
> user-info which is contained within the IDM Vault (such as name, email,
> phone number, address, etc, etc) can be updated from this External
> Application (via the SOAP interface, of course).
> In other words : the new info is fed into this External Application;
> also, the *location *of the user-object is also fed. The Workflow will
> provision the new details to the correct/appropriate user.