I want to migrate an existing IDM 3.61 system to IDM 4.02. This also
includes a platform migration from RHEL 5 to RHEL 6. I'm trying to
figure out the best way to proceed. What looks like the easiest
approach is to:

Phase I -- Migrate Vault
1. Import the existing configuration into Designer
2. Install eDirectory and IDM 4.02 on the new server and add R/W
3. In Designer, add the new server but do not associate it with a
driver set
4. Highlight the existing vault server and select 'Migrate'
5. For 'target server', choose the server that I added in step 3
6. Select 'Make the target server active' then click 'Migrate'
7. Restart any remote loaders to reconnect to the associated drivers
8. Reconfigure existing User App servers to point to the new vault
Phase II -- Migrate User App
1. Install JBoss, PostgreSQL, and User Application on new servers;
configure to point to new vault
2. Shut down old User App servers
3. Start User App on new servers

Phase III -- AD Driver Upgrade
1. Upgrade AD driver and remote loader on domain controller
2. Upgrade password sync DLL on all domain controllers

Phase IV -- Upgrade JDBC Connector
1. Upgrade JDBC remote loader

Have I missed anything? What complications are likely to arise from
this approach?