Hi all!

I need to send RMA audit events to EAS/Sentinel for reporting

I've deployed the RMA on the metadirectory server and then ran the
following command to configure RMA Audit system with syslog, as stated
on the 'documentation' (http://tinyurl.com/cenqrjg)):
java -jar rmaConfig.jar +S,@,tcp

where is the eas/sentinel server and 1468 is a tcp port
but eas/sentinel server won't receive any events.

Do you have any idea why it could not be working?
I'm using IDM 4.0.1 and tried this on EAS and Sentinel 7.0.1. I've
opened a TCPDUMP session on RMA and realized that RMA is opening a
connection to eas/sentinel but after that no data is transmitted no
matter what I do on the RMA web interface.

I've also tried using naudit instead of syslog but it doesn't work

Any help would be appreciated,

Nicolas Calligaro

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