Hello All

A part of the global query syntax you have the syntax of:
idvault.globalQuery("room","getrooms",{site:form.g etvalue("site")});
The explaination that goes with it suggests that you can pass a array
in as per:
"THe return value of the query will be to refresh the contents of the
field. The first Column of the result list (always a DN) will be used
for the data value, the second one for the display label. The 'param' is
used as input to the query. It will have the form
{parname1:value,parname2:value},*where value can be a single value or an

I have a string array that has a,b,c in it, that is a list of
memberships that are application specific that a user is part of. I am
attempting to apply this into a globalquery so that each value can be
tested, and a final list of group membership can be return excluding the
ones the user has.

the call that I am doing is

var CurrentUserAccess = form.getValues("hiddenCheck")
var CreateCAStringArray = CurrentUserAccess.toString();
IDVault.globalQuery("AppliedAccess", "queryMe", {"CurrentAccessParam":
CreateCAStringArray })

is there anything special that you need to be doing when wanting to get
the array as input to the query. I can see all the elements in the
array, using a loop of the array and a form.showMsg.

any suggestions would be great.



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