I am attempting the fairly basic task of setting the attribute of an
object to contain a single DN value from a DNLookup field.

I have a request form with a DNLookup field that has it's value
populated by a form.setValues() method in an onchange event for another
field. The DNLookup field appears to populate with the correct DN (DN
expression lookup is successful) and when the form is submitted the
flowdata variable is correctly passed to the approval form for the
corresponding field to be correctly populated with the same DN. I turned
off the DN expression lookup to confirm the correct DN is in the
DNLookup field.

However, if i submit the approval form, the subsequent entity activity
which tries to update an object attribute with the value from the
DNlookup field fails with an InvalidAttributeValueException NDS -613

Here's the kicker, if i manually select the correct DN using the object
selector prior submitting the form the entity activity proceeds without
error and correctly updates the attribute. I have checked the DN a
million times, the one that is passed in from the previous form is
correct, so I can't see why manually choosing the object makes any

Any ideas what on earth is going on?!

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