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Section 5.1 (as well as 9.1) mentions that master-key.txt is created
automatically with the master key inside, and basically states (in the
two sections) that backing up this file is important after the steps
taken early in the installation.

Apparently this is normal functionality for both the GUI-based and
Silent installations of the system, but this is NOT the case with the
console installation because it does not configure the Identity Vault
connection like the others do. As a result the master-key.txt file is
not created, and the prompts to back it up (copy it to a secure
location) from the installer are incorrect. The documentation does not
cover this possibility and the right place to get the master key
(eventually) is from
../jboss/server/IDMProv/conf/sys-configuration-xmldata.xml (for a JBoss
installation) which is where the system stores the key permanently. I
believe this can only be done after the configupdate.sh step.

Google found a couple of forum posts that mention this but having it in
the documentation at this point would be helpful, in my opinion, though
this may be an exception as currently documented. If configupdate.sh
creates and populate the master key in sys-configuration-xmldata.txt
then should the backup step be in that section of the docs so that
things are consistent for all three types of installs? Alternatively
should the sys-configuration-xmldata.xml file be referenced since it
actually holds the key? What is the simplest way to have this be
documented, and implemented, to benefit as many customers in as many
situations as possible?

Just throwing this out there... any insights or notes on points I've
missed are appreciated.

Good luck.
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