We have built a menu on the Identity Self Service page using Resource
Request portlets which is working very well. We also put the guest
Welcome page as the anchor so that when this page first comes up there
is content along with the menus (and of course customized it with
instructions). So far so good.

If someone selects a PRD, we want to have an after cancel or after
submit function that takes them back to that original content on the
Identity Self-Service page. I can build the form.intercept and I think I
can use the window object to do the redirect, my only remaining question
is what URL would I use to bring the user back to the same screen they
were in when they first clicked Identity Self Service. The URL is:


I guess what I am really trying to do is to reset the UA to the state
where none of the menu choices on the ID Self Service page are

I see the instructions for making a form available directly but I think
that's for making a PRD form available from outside UA which is not what
I am trying to do here.

Any ideas here are greatly appreciated

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