UserApplication 4.0.1
eDirectory 886
I am creating a woflow to modify user information.
In that i have one multivalued attribute in eDirectory which i would
like display in the Form Field.

I have form field with below details.

FieldName DataType ControlType

WSINumber String Text

multivalued in eDirectory attribute has the below value

WSINumber: 123
WSINumber: 987

I want to display these values in the Form field like this

WSINumber 123,987

In the Event property of this field i have written this logic, but i
get only one value display. I knew if the control type is
Picklist/Static list, it displays in the form field. But i would like to
display in the Text control type with comma separated.

stringdn = new String(dn)
var av = IDVault.get( null, stringdn, "user","SecondaryWSI" );
alert (av)


Any idea?

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