Hi, I'm dealing with a workflow that is supposed to call an external
SOAP method that has several string paramenters, and one "multivalue"
Simulating a call via SOAP ui works fine, but I'm having problem
figuring out how to format the multivalue attribute in order to pass it
correctly to the external SOAP server.
The SOAP method is supposed to write the roles assigned to a user into a
SQL database. I have the user in the flowdata object and I've an array
containing all the relevand role dn, but passing directly the array in
the mapping activity of the integration activity gives me an error (the
SOAP call goes fine, it's just that the SOAP server isn't able to see
the content of the array properly).
Below I report a slice of the SOAPUI xml request that works, as you can
see the innermost ListRole (with the containing RoleName) has to be
repeated for each role to pass.
Have you any idea?
Thanks everyone.

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