I 've installed Novell IDM 4.0.2 with the User Application on a cluster
environment with 2 Jboss┤s nodes. Tha database is Oracle.
I read the documentation and It┤s not clear on how to install the
Reporting Module and RMA on this scenario.
The Reporting┤s doc says "NOTE: You must have the Roles Based
Provisioning Module (RBPM) installed before beginning the installation
of the reporting module. The reason for this is that the RBPM and the
reporting module need to be installed on the same application server so
that they can share a secure SSL connection"

Also I read in the NetIQ forum that Reporting is not based on cluster.

Do you have any information on:
- How to install the Reporting on this scenario with UA on cluster.
- How to install the Role Mapping Administrator also on this scenario
with UA on cluster.

Thank and regards,


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