IDM 3.6.1
RBPM 3.7.0 (patch E)

I have written an external Java class which does some nice NMAS
functions, and what I want to do is call a method from a HTML button on
a form.

I have copied the JAR file to the IDMProv/lib directory on the JBoss
server, but I am having a problem calling the method from an inline
script. Can I even do this, or is all that code browser side? Does this
work differently in IDM 4.0.2 if I use a global script where the ECMA is
on the IDV?


importPackage(Packages.com.belkast.password.passwo rdReset);

function setNMASPassword()
etc etc

When I try and reference the function setPassword, it does not work. I
believe my brain has fallen out

Thanks in advance,


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