Hi everyone,

excuse - i'm new in this issue - i hope somebody can help me:

Is it possible to install the UserApplication (which contains the
Selfservice-Portal) without the eDirectory on the same server? In the
documentation of Identity Manger 4.0.1 i can read in the section of
"Installing the Role Based Provisioning Module" (RBPM - which contains
obviously the UserApplication) -> Checklist for installing the RBPM ..
"Install the eDirectory ...".

I have an IDM-Server (IDV) in the internal secured network and don't
want a replica of them in the DMZ where the Selfservice-Portal should be
hosted on. I have tried already to install the
RBPM without the eDir on the same server - but it fails. Then i've tried
to install the UserApplication standalone with success (installation is
running without errors) - but the Portal is
available after that (http://hostname:8180/IDMProv - not available).

I hope somebody can tell me, what i'm doing wrong?

Thank you very much.


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