Our existing UA install includes some functionality that needs to be
widely available as well as some other functions we'd like to carefully
restrict. We've been asked to stand up a second User Application server
that would be in our DMZ and allow password changes, self-service
provisioning requests and so forth, and move the existing one within the
DMZ so that only local network access would be allowed. Our user
application developer recently departed for greener pastures so I am the
one trying to make this happen.

I need to make sure I understand the implications of doing so. I know we
would need to add a second User Application driver that includes the
existing provisioning request definitions for those requests we want to
be available from the 'net. I understand how to re-create the
application configuration, register the porltets, create the pages and
so forth. I am a bit concerned that there is some other piece that I am
overlooking. This would be a distinct, stand-alone User Application
server with its own database and so forth.

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