Hi! There,

I am in the middle to refine a workflow to archive a user. However,
before the step of archiving user, the workflow needs to check if the
user is in the pending status and ready to be approved in another
For example, we have another workflow to transfer a user from one agency
(agency A)to another agency(Agency B). After the agency A started the
workflow to transfer the user to agency B, and agency B has NOT picked
up the work to approve the transfer. At the same time, Agency A may make
mistake to archive the user, which will cause problem.
What I am going to do is add a step to check if the user is involved
into another workflows which are in the pending status. In our case, I
need to check if the user is in the transfer process. Can anyone tell me
how to do it?
I was told to use webservice call getAllProvisioningRequests at Novell
Provisioning Webservice. However, I tried use java and soapui to call
the webserice, and did NOT get any info from the webservice soap

Thanks a lot


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