One of the challenges I have had recently as my PRD has gotten more
debugged and more complex is that each time I test takes longer and
longer, as I am testing deeper and deeper into the UI. I tried an IE
based scripting tool which wrote VBS scripts which MOSTLY worked, but
failed on the submit. In that tool it recorded a macro which was almost
correct, I just had to add one extra action on my picklist to click it
do it would fire the event needed to do the look up of the next field.

So being at 95% but not good enough to test with I looked elsewhere,
found a Firefox plugin called Selenium IDE, which looks quite rich in
functionality. I recorded a macro there which looks even better than the
first one, but I can't figure out how to do the click I mentioned above.
Has anyone else used this tool to automate data entry within UA for
testing? Or can you suggest another tool that's worked for you in UA?

I thought of doing this from another workflow, or from a utility job in
policy, but I don't want to take on a two day development effort to
simply parrot the keys and clicks I am doing repeatedly.


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