Some bizzare behavior and I am trying to get to the bottom of it.
Designer ate my global scripts and since I didn't notice I uploaded
blank script on top of the right script and lost a lot of work, shame on
me I should have fixed my SVN server and checked it in. OK. Now it won't
happen again.

But when I started to recover (from a month old backup) most things were
strangely still working. I was able to test and debugged a whole lot of
stuff, that was until I got an out of memory error and decided to adjust
the memory parameters and restart jBoss. Then eveyrthing stopped working
and I am now trying to put humpty back up on the wall.

I can only speculate that there is a memory cache of excmascript
functions. That would be annoying, although I could understand the
performance reasons when you delete a function it should be gone, not
hanging around and working mysteriouslly.

Does such functionality exist in UA?

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