I am having IDM 4.0 running in our environment. The forgot password has
been implemented using the external password management war. We have the
existing forgot password and challenge set configuration for the end
users. Please find below the current configuration that is set as of now
and proposed changes that we are planning to implement.

Current Configuration - User must answer all 5 administrator defined
questions during initial login. User must answer 3 random questions that
was set during inital login during forgot password scenario.

Proposed Changes - User must answer all 3 administrator defined
questions during initial login. User must answer 1 random question that
was set during initial login during forgot password scenario.

The proposed changes will work fine for the new users who are created
after this change has been implemented.

However, for our large number of existing users who are in the "Current
Configuration" mentioned above are getting affected when the proposed
changes mentioned above are implemented.

The existing users are getting the error message "Answers to challenge
response questions have not been set, or cannot be read at this time."
when the forgot password functionality is used.

Once the user sets his/her challenge questions, then the user is not
seeing this message.

Please let me know if there is any way to resolve this issue.


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