"InternalError: Java class "[Ljava.lang.Object;" has no public instance
field or method named "indexOf". 0 0"

UA 4.0.2 patch B
This is all happening in the workflow engine (rhino) so the browser has
no bearing on this.

How I got here:

I am trying to create a function in a global script which will give me
the intersection of two arrays.

function intersection(setA, setB)
// remove groups that are not in the mainframe list, using the
"incredible shrinking matrix" algorithm from 10th grade programming
class - thank you Pat Corey
for (i=setA.length-1; i>=0; i--)
if (setB.indexOf(setA[i]) == -1)
if (i == setA.length - 1)
setA[i] = setA.pop();
return setA;

Putting in trace code I figured out that it was crapping out at the if.
So I added this right before the if:

msg(i.toString() + ": " + setA[i] + " --> " +
catch (e) {msg(e.toString())};

and it produced the above error.

I am definitely passing in two native ecmascript arrays, in fact in my
test case they are both 6 elements long (I traced that too) and I am
sure that an array in ecmascript has an indexOf method.

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