I want to use a web service in a workflow using a Integration Activity.
I'm using Provisioning Services of the User Application.
When I run this workflow, this throws an error:

Workflow Error: Process requestId [ad81ef6f339a4ea4aa0cbdcfb58cdf35], Id [XXX], Integration activity [Activity2]: faulted [ Mon Nov 19 12:05:51 BRST 2012 com.sssw.b2b.rt.GNVException: rt007005:Error encountered executing WSDL Action:; ---> nested java.rmi.RemoteException: HTTP 403 Forbidden ].

It seems to be a problem of access for the HTTP 403 Forbidden.
In Designer, I set credentials in Integration windows, in the action "WS
Interchange". I have a user whose I set as Provisioning Administrator. I
put this credentials:
User ID : 'cn=myUser,ou=Users,o=Company'
Password : xxxxxxxx

The credentials are ones of a user in the eDirectory, o are of an other
kind of user?

Maybe I forgot to set something to give him the access?
Somebody have any idea to solve this problem?

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