When the user goes back to a workflow I want to display (non editable,
just for their refereence) to the user the roles that they currently
have when the DNlookup is complete. I would think an onchange event. I
was thinking a control type of textarea. Any guidance? Arraylist don't
seem to be usable from a form item.

In a mapping object in workflow I use the following to get the roles the
user is already assigned. For this workflow the roles names start with
SSP. All good.

function fplsroleremoval() {
var allroles = new Packages.java.util.ArrayList();
var fplsroles = new Packages.java.util.ArrayList();
allroles = RoleVault.getRolesUserIn(flowdata.get
var prefix = "SSP";
var cnt = allroles.size();
for(i=0;i<allroles.size(); i++){
var parseArray = new Packages.java.util.ArrayList();
if(allroles.get(i).substring(3,6) == prefix){
return fplsroles;