IDM 4.0.2
Designer 4.0.2
RBPM 4.0.1 Patch B3

I have the following issue with Multi-valued Checkbox control. Even
when I select an empty array field.select([]), the first item is always
checked...no matter what I do. This issue shows up on a couple of
Workflows, so I am hoping a resolution will close two bugs.

On the first Workflow, a Multi-valued attribute is read from a User. We
have 4 check boxes, and when the attribute has 1, 2, 3, or 4
values...the Multi-valued Checkbox control is rendered correctly and the
correct checks are marked and unmarked. However, when the attribute is
empty, you would think none of the check boxes would be checked...but
this is not the case. The first one is checked...ALL THE TIME.

On the second Workflow, I have an event which hides the control...so I
do the usual hide(), set required to be false, and clear all the
values...and even though the last bit has the select([]) (empty array),
the first item is selected.

Thanks for the help.

Cheers, KA

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