inside a wf (designer view) I defined a form ID called request_form.
In that form there is a Form Field Name called "fldRolesFiltered".
The aim of this field is import a specific list of roles inside the IDM.
The roles has a field call nrfLocalizedName with multilanguages style:
en~Name roles; additional part |it~Nome Ruolo; additional part.

When we stat to use the wf inside the browser (UserApp) that form show
the correctly the information:

Name roles; additional part (based on the languages that the user use).

But now for some reason that form show all the string inside that form:
en~Name roles; adictional part |it~Nome Ruolo; aditiona part.

I try to fix the problem that way:

I delete the value of the Property "Display expression" From
"nrfLocalizedNames" to "".

For some reason now that form start to show correctly only one
Name roles

The problem is the character ";". Every part after the ";" is not
display inside the form. Sometime the string before the character ";"
are similar for some roles.

Someone could me advise the remediation.

Thank you


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