Identity Manager Version 3.7.0 Patch D
Build Revision 37004

I'm following this page in the documentation:

The resulting URL:
windowstate=normal&MODE=MODE_RESULTS_LIST&ENTITY_D EF=Organizations%20%2F%
20Departments&COND_ROW_ATTR=Name&COND_ROW_REL_OP=s tarts-

looks right to me, going by what's in the code. But instead of the search
results, I get:

The complex preference needs modifications. Please edit the preferences.
The entity definition (Organizations / Departments) is invalid.

If I click on the Reset button, I'm presented with the correct portlet,
and can perform the search and get results back, so I'm pretty sure that
the problem is in the URL I'm generating, but I'm not seeing it here.

In the configuration, I have multiple SearchListPortlet registered, one
of which is registered as "Departments". Through trying various things,
it appears that all three occurrences of "SearchListPortlet" in the URL
need to be replaced with the registered portlet name, in my case
"Departments". That's not specified in the doc, but appears to be true.

In the DAL, I have an entity defined as:

Key: organizationalUnit
Display Label: Organizations / Departments
Class Name: organizationalUnit
LDAP Name: organizationalUnit

The doc is unclear as to which of these names to use, but none of
"Organizations / Departments", "Organizations%20%2F%20Departments", or
"organizationalUnit" works. Based on the error message, the heart of the
problem is that the UA can't figure out the ENTITY_DEF parameter.

David Gersic
Knowledge Partner

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