We are currently doing re platforming from Solaris 9 to RHEL 6.3, and as
part of this project upgrading directories from edir 885 / IDM 3.6.1 to
edir 887 / IDM 4.0.2.
Looking at the UserApp pre-reqs for IDM 4.0.2 it requires oracle 11gR2,
our backend oracle databases are no where near yet, and given that this
is the preferred database for us.. we will not be running UserApp 4
anytime soon until this gets resolved.

However even thou UserApp 3.7 supposedly only supports IDM version
3.6.1, can this flavor of UserApp be run on IDM 4.0.2..?? We currently
run UserApp 3.7 on solaris 9 and IDM 3.6.1 with no issues



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