This was already discussed in previous posts but it's prety old and
there is maybe newer solutions.

I get the date from idvault with the following :

IDVault.get("lastlogintime",form.getValue("target" ),'user',
And I'd like to display it like dd/mm/year or better, but the result is

I try to convert it with substring using previous posts examples, but
this does not work, the functions is not supported:

Last Login Time: An error 'TypeError: d.substring is not a function' was
encountered while executing the script

the code is :
var d=IDVault.get(null,form.getValue("target"),'user', 'siUserTime');
var year=d.substring(0,4);
form.showMsg('Year : ' +year);
form.setValues('lastlogintime', d);

Any help ?



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