Hi everyone!

First of all I want to thank you for helping me with related issues
about this.

Like I have explained in the other thread (in the wrong place, =P)
I have to make a logic in the expression builder to compare multivalued
field values from two attributes. The fisrt attribute is in the
containter User, named "UserTraining". The second is in the container
Group, which has the attribute named "RequiredTraining".

I have the following scenario:
- I have created both Entities and attributes in the DAL;
- The logic is to see if the "UserTraining" has the required training
present in "RequiredTraining", for this is used the following:
UserTraining: IDVault.get (recipient, 'Profile', 'UserTraining'), and
let's suppose that the result is [1, 2, 3]
RequiredTraining: IDVault.get ('cn=group, ou=department, o=company',
'Profile', 'RequiredTraining'), and the result is [1, 3]

I was using the following condition in the Expression Builder of my
Activity Condition:
(IDVault.get (recipient, 'Profile', 'UserTraining')).contains
(IDVault.get ('cn=group, ou=department, o=company', 'Profile',
'RequiredTraining')) = False (However the user has the training 1 and

I tried to make a test, to see how ".contains" expression works, and I
realize that the following expression is true:
(IDVault.get (recipient, 'Profile', 'UserTraining')).contains ('3') =
True (So I think it compare values like a string, right?)

Finally, I tried of many ways to insert these attributes ("UserTraining"
and "RequiredTraining") in an Array, including inserting the values into
a flowdata.Var and trying to manipulate it but without luck.

Summarizing, I need to know if there is an option in EcmaScript to
compare two multivalued fields, no matter the order of the attributes
and, if there is no option for doing it, how can I insert multivalued
attributes into an Array for trying to make a logic to compare the

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